About us

The proposed action is aimed at consolidating a constructive dialogue between the EU and India on migration covering all migration-related aspects. The objectives of the proposed action are aimed at:

  • Assembling high-level Indian-EU expertise in major disciplines that deal with migration (demography, economics, law, sociology and politics) with a view to building up migration studies in India. This is an inherently international exercise in which experts will use standardised concepts and instruments that allow for aggregation and comparison. These experts will belong to all major disciplines that deal with migration, ranging from demography to law and from economics to sociology and political science.
  • Providing the Government of India as well as the European Union, its Member States, the academia and civil society, with:
    1. Reliable, updated and comparative information on migration
    2. In-depth analyses on India-EU highly-skilled and circular migration, but also on low-skilled and irregular migration.
  • Making research serve action by connecting experts with both policy-makers and the wider public through respectively policy-oriented research, training courses, and outreach programmes. The link between experts and policy makers will work in both directions so that the experts, on the one hand, produce results that respond to the needs of policymakers and the governments, on the other hand, use the research results in their policy-making process.

These three objectives will be pursued with a view to developing a knowledge base addressed to policy-makers and migration stakeholders in both the EU and India.

More specifically, the proposed action will prepare the ground for reinforced India-EU cooperation on migration-related issues. This will be effectively done through:

  • The construction of standardised and consultable information on the demographic, economic, legal and political dimensions of migration from India to the EU;
  • The development of research on migration-related topics prioritized by the Indian Government, the EU and its Member States;
  • Informal and informed discussions among migration experts, state officials and migration stakeholders in the framework of regular training sessions and outreach programmes.


ICOE – Indian Council of Overseas Employment

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore